Diablo Cockring

Diablo Cockring

By B.m.s. Enterprises

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Product Description

The Diablo cockring will help you take your wicked fantasies to a whole new level.

Sinfully sexy vibrations reverberate through him, concentrating in his horns and tongue. This horny devil won't miss a spot! So let your partner slide him on, lay back and let him take you to the dark side!
As quoted by AVN Novelty Jan/Feb 2008:
"This cock ring is sure to grab attention on the shelves in your stores. Have one out of the box so customers can really get an idea of what it looks like when the devil's horns and tongue vibrate. The thick jelly ring is stretchable enough that those who are new to cock rings will be able to slip it on with ease, but its tight grip will be a hit with cock-ring enthusiasts. It features a three-speed bullet that slips through the head and ribbed bumps to give added stimulation to the wearer's partner. It's a must-have for any cock-ring collection!"
—Nate Johnson


Length: 4 inches
Width: Head is 1.25 inches and ring is 2 inches before stretching
Circumference/Girth: Head is 2 inches thick and ring is .75 inches thick
Material: TPR
Available Colors: Red
Functions: Multi-speed
Powered by: 3 Cell Batteries (included)
Special Features: Multi-speed, Waterproof
Package Dimensions: 8" l x 3.25" w x 2" d

Product Details

  • Alternate Title: Diablo Cockring Silicone Waterproof Red
  • Delivery: This item can be shipped anywhere in the Continental United States
  • Dimensions: 3.50" x 2.25" x 8.25"
  • Weight: 3.84 oz. (0.24 lbs.)
  • UPC: 677613566126
  • SKU: BMS566612

Customer Reviews

Part one: Direction

By Ramses4832 | Reviewed February 21, 2016

So my girlfriend and I tried this with her on top and leaning back in. The vibration was kept to low for now. It fits me nice and snug, and didn't drift around at all. The next review will be when we try a different position, but for now, this is a winner and hands down, I would order this again if needed. Was paid for and in hands within just a few days. Love this site and how easy it is to get around.